Bacon, Leek and Tomatoes Pancakes

Pancakes with bacon, braised leek and roasted tomatoes“One does not simply walk into foreign countries with a third world passport” I can really relate to this quote at the moment.

I am planning to go to Europe in the beginning of August this year with my family for a three-weeks holiday around the West Europe, it’s really exciting for us but there is just this one tiny problem.

I still hold an Indonesian passport that does not let me walk into Europe without applying for a visa, and damn the visa application process was so tedious. I had to prepare everything from employer’s letters, bank statements showing some required amount, all hotels and flights bookings, a comprehensive itinerary, travel insurance and must have a booking for an appointment with the application centre which usually takes about a month or two.

The day for my appointment arrived yesterday and I was there from 9 in the morning until 1pm with a few bunch of people grumbling about the waiting time and some unfriendly front staffs who treated us like we owed them something. My application was not accepted at first because the hotel booking did not have my name on it so yesterday I ran back to the office and printed everything again so that my application could be accepted yesterday.

I was completely exhausted afterwards, and kept thinking to myself – should I convert my Aussie PR into citizenship so I don’t have to go through this again every time I’m travelling overseas?

Pancakes with bacon, braised leek and roasted tomatoes

Anyway, after the unpleasant day I think I deserve a pretty indulging pancake for breakfast this morning to get my spirit back. So I took out my leftover bacon that I used for carbonara, some leeks and tomatoes, of course not forgetting my pancake batter that I prepared earlier in the week. Pop the tomatoes in the oven, sweat the leeks, grill the bacon and cook the pancakes.

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