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My name is Juventia. I work in Finance role by day and a self-confessed food-blogger by night. I love to cook and entertain my closest ones with food. I am not an expert, in fact, I am still far from it. But that does not stop me from pursuing my passion.

And this is the place where I share with you all my ideas and favourite recipes that I have tested in my kitchen.

I currently reside in Melbourne, Australia. As a multicultural city, Melbourne offers the best range of food from different cultures. This is the place where you can find authentic Thai food in a small alley hidden from the main road and an authentic Greek restaurant just next to it. This is where you would be able to have authentic Vietnamese banh mi for lunch and Hungarian Goulash for dinner! People in Melbourne are so passionate about food. There is always a food event or festival happening somewhere every weekend and it is always buzzing with people.

Maybe this is how it started. I was born and raised in Indonesia where everything was readily available and I didn’t have to cook for myself. I didn’t even know how to make rice by using a rice cooker. When I was 17, I moved out from home and ventured to Australia to further my study. Since then, I had to learn how to cook and take care for myself. Little did I know that I fell deeply into the magic of food-creation. I felt amazingly satisfied whenever I manage to cook a great dish from my tiny kitchen. I did this just by trying some recipes out from watching cooking shows and reading people’s food blog.

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Ugh my dad photo-bombing at the back…

I love spending my time looking at food pictures from food blogs and Pinterest. I would like to have a blog too someday, but I had no confidence in myself. However after a while, I finally have the courage to build my own food blog. As part of my new year’s resolution, in January 2015, I bought a domain site and started to learn how to use WordPress and all these technical stuffs. I know that it’s probably too late, I can see that I am really behind other bloggers that became really popular and got 10K views in a day. However, I am okay with this. I love what I do and I am not doing it for money. This blog will just be my proof of my passion and love for food.

I hope you like it and please leave some comments to support this blog.

Thank you very much and enjoy!

Love, Ju :)