Baba Sus – Glen Iris, Melbourne

I’m not very sure whether Baba Sus is a new establishment or not but it has been very popular lately on Instagram as I have seen lots of my favourite local bloggers raving about this place and their signature Hongkong Egg Waffles. Unfortunately it was located pretty far away from my home – about 45 minutes drive and I didn’t think of driving that far just for the egg waffle.

Then I was reminded last weekend that my boyfriend Ray had to drop off something at a friend’s house, and her home was around 5 km away from Baba Sus – so finally we can try this popular brunch spot.

The cafe is located in the middle of a quiet residential area but it’s pretty closed to Burwood station. The interior looks very modern but simplistic – which further convinced me that Baba Sus is a new cafe.

Baba SusWe arrived at about 1.30 pm on Sunday and saw quite a few of patrons waiting for the tables. We asked to be seated outside as otherwise we would have to wait half an hour to be seated indoor. I wonder how long people have to wait if they arrive at 12pm-1pm peak hour?

Baba SusFor drinks I ordered the plain latte for myself. However seeing that other tables are having matcha/green tea latte, we decided to try one out as well. Ray didn’t like the matcha flavour and said it was too bitter, the honey on the side didn’t help at all. I on the other hand am a big fan of tea and coffee so it suited my palate perfectly. I said the flavour was good but he didn’t think so.

Baba Sus Matcha LatteWe thought that the food will come in no time since they have so many people to be put in waiting list, but boy I was wrong. I think we waited for around 25 minutes to over half an hour for the food to come out. Ray was getting a bit anxious and hungry as he hasn’t eaten anything since early morning breakfast.

Then our food arrived at the same time (hooray!). Ray was so impatient already that he started to dig in and I quickly stopped him as I had to take pictures first. He got grumpy (hehe) but then he let me do it quickly.

Baba Sus
I had the infamous Hongkong Egg Waffles ($14) with berry compote topped with matcha ice cream. The portion was quite big and I love the colourful presentation. The egg waffles were not as crispy as I would have liked but they were super fluffy inside. The texture was similar to marshmallows – very light and fluffy. I didn’t like the idea of berry compote at first because it could be quite sour, but this one wasn’t that sour and it complemented the egg waffles very well. The matcha ice cream, however, could probably have a bit more matcha inside, but delicious nonetheless.

Baba Sus Hongkong Egg WafflesRay was having The Baba Sus ($18.5) – double cooked pork belly with carrot and ginger puree, apple salad and chilli lime peanuts. At first impression it looked good. Ray was very happy as he got a large portion of pork belly and heaps of sauce underneath. The pork belly was very moist but the crackling could be a bit more crispier. The carrot and ginger puree was delicious, I never knew that both of them can actually combine very well. Overall it was a good dish, Ray said it was better than the egg waffles.

The Baba Sus Overall we thought that the food was indeed very good, probably above average than other brunch spots in Melbourne. The only thing that they could improve upon was probably the waiting time for the food, because if they could do the food quicker, the waiting list could be shorter as well.

Baba Sus
15-17 Bardolph Street
Glen Iris, Melbourne

Rating: 7.5/10

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