Pancakes with Avocado, Dukkah and Boiled Egg

Pancakes with Avocado, Dukkah and Boiled EggFor my second recipe of my 6 days pancake challenge I present to you these pancakes with avocado, dukkah and boiled eggs.

A little back story – so if you have been following my instagram you are probably aware that I am currently taking on a 6 days pancake challenge. I’ve published my first one with raspberry compote, pistachio and coconut here if you are interested to check it out.

As I’ve done the sweet pancake on day 1 I want to have savoury this time. I conveniently have a container full of dukkah in my pantry so I decided to make pancakes that could make use of what I have in my kitchen. Like my first recipe, this topping of avocado, dukkah and boiled eggs is still very simple to make and takes you less than 10 minutes.

Pancakes with Avocado, Dukkah and Boiled EggIf you haven’t known yet, dukkah is an Egyptian dry mix consisting of nuts (typically pistachio or pine nuts), seeds (sesame and coriander seeds) and spices such as cumin and/or cinnamon. I bought my dukkah from a Middle-Eastern restaurant a few months ago and I have been using it as a crumbing on my lamb, chicken and fish. Dukkah is quite versatile and sometimes I sprinkle a little bit on my avocado toast as well.

If you don’t have dukkah on hand and want to make one from scratch, the recipe from Independent Kitchen looks worth checking out. I have never made my own dukkah yet but I think I will try her recipe when my dukkah runs out.

Pancakes with Avocado, Dukkah and Boiled EggI think of this pancakes with avocado, dukkah and egg as my everyday avocado toast, but instead of biting into a slice of crusty bread we are switching it with fluffy and slightly buttery pancakes. What could be more awesome than that??

Note: I made my pancakes using recipe from Taste. It always works for me!

Pancakes with avocado, dukkah and eggs
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 2
  • 1 ripe avocado
  • 2 tbsp of dukkah
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tbsp of olive oil
  • 2 serves of pancakes
  1. Cook eggs until soft-boiled, coat the boiled eggs in olive oil and sprinkle with dukkah until fully covered.
  2. Mash or slice the avocado flesh and place on top of the pancakes. Sprinkle with dukkah, salt and pepper. Top with soft-boiled egg.


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