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After hearing great reviews about the newly opened brunch spot in Fitzroy called Sir Charles , I was tempted to try it out myself. So I dragged Mr. R to come with me to see what the fuss was all about.  When we arrived there at 12 pm sharp in the midst of busy lunch time, we thought we would have to queue to get a table. However, the space in Sir Charles turned out to be so spacious which can accommodate more patrons than the average cafe can and we’re so glad we can get a table straight away.

Sir Charles Fitzroy

I love the interior style of Sir Charles. It has a bright and modern look with Scandinavian style. The lamps and stools have lovely coppers accent and there are some light blue streaks which really go well together. There are lots of big tables around which can accommodate large groups. Never worry about the quality of the coffee as the one of the owners is the co-owner of Axil Coffee Roasters, hence the quality of coffee would be similar to Axil’s.

Sir Charles Fitzroy

Sir Charles offers contemporary breakfast and lunch cuisines with heavy Asian influence. So you wouldn’t get normal eggs-benedict or scrambles eggs toast in this restaurant. Looking around the table, I could see most people were ordering the panko crumbed eggs-benedict. I was thinking to have it as well but Mr R and I decided that we order a more meatier meal for lunch. So I ordered the BBQ pork with tonkatsu sauce, spring onion & fried egg on crispy roti ($17).

Sir Charles Fitzroy

I was actually feeling a bit sceptical the first time I saw this dish. I was never a fan of bean-sprouts, especially the raw ones, and there were heaps of bean-sprouts placed on top of the egg. I think they should probably change the name of the dish by mentioning ‘bean-sprouts’ as well and getting rid of the ‘spring onions’ because I could barely see spring onions on the plate.

Sir Charles Fitzroy

Luckily the flavour of the dish was really nice. I can understand why they put bean-sprouts as the tonkotsu sauce was a bit sweet and the bean-sprouts actually refreshed the sweet flavour and both of them complemented the pork belly very well. Crispy roti was nice and soft but it wasn’t enough for me. If they added more roti and lessen the bean sprouts it would have been a perfect dish for me.

As a fan of lamb, Mr. R ordered the grilled lamb ribs with kipflers, kale chips, Vietnamese mint salsa & salted cashew praline ($15). The flavour of the lamb was very nice, however I found that it was a tad dry. I really like the crunchy texture of the praline and kale chips. I have never ever eaten kale chips before and I was surprised of how tasty they were. For me, these kale chips beat french fries any day. I immediately became a fan of kale chips since this day. The mint salsa was very nice but again, it wasn’t enough.

Sir Charles FitzroyWe found this dish to be quite unusual and wasn’t what we expected but overall the flavour was nice and went well together. However I still prefer the pork belly over this.

Sir Charles Fitzroy

As the portion of the dishes in Sir Charles was a bit smaller, we thought we could still have another one for sharing. So we opted to have the toasted coconut, vegan crepe with butterscotch sauce, berry compote and mango salsa ($13.5). I absolutely adored the presentation of this dish. It was so bright and fresh. This dish could cheer anybody up just by looking at it.

Sir Charles FitzroyOn our first taste, we were quite surprised as this was not an ordinary crepe. The crepe texture was very sticky and coming from South East Asia, I have had a similar crepe back then, but it was not called a crepe. This crepe took me back to my childhood and I still couldn’t remember what it was called on those days. I love the combination of the mango salsa, berry compote and butterscotch sauce. It was so flavoursome. However, we couldn’t finish this because the flavour might be too rich, and also the fact that we have had two dishes before could be the reason why we felt that way.

Sir Charles Fitzroy

For our first visit, I was very happy with these dishes. There were some misses from them, including lesser portion with higher price than average cafe, but I promised myself to go back again to try out the eggs-benedict in a near future.

Sir Charles – Fitzroy
121 Johnston St
Fitzroy 3065

Rating: 7/10
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